Why Not You?

As ambitious as it may seem, this project will lead you from a place of uncertainty, fear and anxiety to a position of strength and independence. My aim is to:


  • remind you of what you already KNOW. 

  • reassert what you suspected but lacked the opportunity to discuss in polite society. 

  • inspire the language you may struggle to find when you speak about freedom to people addicted to the overbearing influence of State bureaucracy. 

  • reassure you that your concerns are shared by millions.

  • help you marshal your thoughts so you better understand your personal freedom.

  • empower you to act. 


Once we have a firm foundation of self respect we can look outside. Find ways to appreciate the State monolith and all its machinations in order to triage its expectation of us.


Together we will unlace the cloak of respectability that shrouds the most pernicious and wicked agents which interfere in our one and only singular finite precious life. 


unpandemonium.org reminds those agents of government that WE are their SUPREME AUTHORITY.


It's really this easy:


Do you have the right to live in peace? No. 

But nobody has the right to stop you either.

You live however you like; if someone prevents it, prosecute them.

If anyone tells you they have requirements of you, demand proof.


Why learn which rights you may or may not be allowed? Why endure the chore of exercising them or losing them. Claiming them, restoring them, protecting hard fought ones…

It’s easier to admit you have no rights and place the burden of proof on the claimant.

Don’t you feel serene now you don’t have to beg and study to secure your worth? Shed the liability of rights.

This isn’t politics or philosophy, economics or charity.

It’s the absence of these things. Your natural state.

You will find me reminding you of this over the course of the articles.

Nothing sinks in first time.


Between the detail, the language and the pragmatism of this project permeates a mood. 

A deliberate atmosphere.

My attempt to remind you of HAPPINESS. 

To inspire a confident self worth.

To diminish anxiety or feelings of hopelessness.

Has there ever been a time when positivity has been more necessary?


If we all walk towards the same ends, we’ll all meet there. If the same ends is nothing more than doing what we know to be right, we can’t fail. See you there?


As ambitious as it may seem...

What worthy goal was achieved without ambition?

It's time to get ambitious for your future again.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...