This Solution: GOOD​

If you’re contending with a flood, do you fight the water? 

No. You identify the rupture and stem the tide. 


We need to identify the source of our dilemma. And we need an international criminal investigation to do it.


It will be funded by our own money which has already been collected from us by government in the name of tax. We will use the buildings of the current judiciary but it will be staffed by new independent personnel. Professionals with experience in criminal investigation, fraud, espionage, embezzlement. Experts in contract law, conflict of interest, monopolies and racketeering.

Those with track records in criminal prosecutions and those with knowledge of organising fair trials. People who will be obedient to the obligation of what is right. Obedient to the people they represent having not sworn an oath to a government, crown or any other interloper.


Obvious staring points for suspension and investigation are the W.H.O. and U.N. Then we work down through the organisations that are funding and advising them. Then the governments and agencies acting out their policies. Making arrests as we identify guilty individuals.


I say individuals because there is actually no such thing as ‘government’ or ‘health organisations’. Only buildings and people working in them. Individuals making decisions and taking actions. All of them accountable for their actions and answerable to us. Each individual will face a jury of 12 Good People because that would be the honourable thing to do.


We need to build the infrastructure; a transparent justice system that delivers criminals to the courts of these 12 Good People.

We can’t claim any criminal activity has occurred until we've had a thorough investigation.

Anything short of this is beneath our necessity. Insufficient. Futile.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...