These Solutions: BAD​

Waking up the masses.

The more people that realise we're in danger of losing our basic human freedoms, the better. But imagine you had to convince 7 billion people that your house had been burglarised before you were allowed press charges. The overbearing influence of 24 hour media has produced a culture of trust through familiarity, convenience and ignorance. It is nigh on impossible to convince everyone that something is wrong with the politicians and TV personalities they know, love and trust...  But don’t think for a minute that justice requires the entire world to act.



You always risk a low turnout when you organise a march, rally or picket line. This only serves to dishearten people within your group and weaken the perception of those outside your movement. Apart from the indignity of public pleading, you provide the perfect opportunity for an unfit media to publish whatever they choose about your motives. Reframing you as they see fit. Alternatively it could be a record turn out, which can appear threatening to outsiders. Besides, it only takes a small number of idiots or payed antagonists to start a riot. Game over.


Legal proceedings.

In the UK several attempts have been made to bring the government to heel through the courts. A Judicial Review is a type of court proceeding in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body. Judicial reviews are a challenge to the way in which a decision has been made, rather than the rights and wrongs of the conclusion reached. One singular individual employed by the State has the power to uphold your application or dismiss it. A judicial review can cost upwards of £30,000. It’s like asking the fox to guard the hen house and then asking the fox to investigate himself when the chickens go missing, but only to determine if his decision was made in accordance with standards laid down by himself. Not whether his actions caused any harm to the chickens... And you pay him £30,000 for the privilege.


Lawful Rebellion.

Based on the idea that we have ‘rights’ and we are allowed them only because an ancient document was signed by people you never knew; Lawful Rebellion is literally fantastic. If the Constitution of the U.S.A. or Magna Carta were never written, would you concede that your government had every right to run your private life? Marching to government buildings with an envelope and a camera and all the bluster and indignation of a well meaning Magician-at-Law; only to be met (quite predictably) by uniformed officers of the State who will not recognise your authority but adhere to the line of command they swore an oath to. You don’t need an Article 61 to allow you to do what Article 61 pretends to allow you to do. You already posses all the authority you need. It’s these kind of instruments that keep you within the bounds of legal rigmarole. So it’s easy for a judge to dismiss your claim with his legal dexterity.

It doesn’t matter how organised, wealthy or powerful a criminal is. 

The truth is the truth, crime is crime and justice is not a privilege when morality and honour prevail. Any obstacle to justice is an accomplice to crime.

Our antagonist is centralised and well organised. We are not. 

We have many conflicting ideas about the circumstances we find ourselves in. Regard these as irrelevant opinions, because we will find the full details of any crimes only with a FULL INDEPENDENT CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

Our unifying ambition ought to be justice alone.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...