The Modest Solution

Stop claiming you have rights. Stop demanding to be free.


  You ARE free.


    Own yourself.


Life involves suffering, you eventually die.

There is no guarantee of safety, no expectation of security.

No Human can provide that surety for you.

You are responsible for yourself.

With that responsibility comes freedom.

If you own fear, you can be emancipated. 


The truth is:


I do what I choose and nobody has the right to stop me.

Rights are ideas; I cannot prove they exist. As such they cannot be bestowed by God, described by monarchy, protected by a union or enshrined in any document.

You have no rights. You have choice.

It is a crime to cause harm, loss or damage.

You are free to do everything else.

These principles apply to every soul regardless of job title, bank balance, mental state, intellect, narcissistic tendency or sociopathy.


For example:

You can grow any plant, crop it, dry it and sell it to any other human in any country on Earth and it is the business of no other people. You are free to buy any product, ingest it and take full responsibility for any outcome.


EVERYTHING is covered by this simple fact.


Not everyone understands they DO NOT have the right to interfere in people’s lives.


The solution is to remind everybody of this limitation.


That’s it.

Nothing more, nothing less. 

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...