Start Here, Now

Humanity faces innumerable threats.


They persist because we are petty, ignorant, argumentative.


We cede victory like this. Consistently.


Injustice has ONE root.


That root is our insistence on being divided.

Beneath all race, religion, politics, ideologies, theories and preferences lie our principles.


A deep understanding of the obligations of what is right.


Eternal, objective, immovable and above all - S I M P L E.

You find them inside yourself.


They can’t be learned through church, school, television or facebook.


But they can be lost, forgotten and usurped.


This website aims to give you short, concise insights.

Ethical assessments of the zeitgeist informed by rectitude.


Each article is intended to be read quickly, and understood.


Read and read again until the ideas become second nature. 


Until you remember who you are.


Do not memorise it, know it for yourself.


Rewrite these ideas in your own vernacular, translate them.

 - learn them until you can speak freely without offering explanation

   or seeking approval.


Act without fear.


Speak it anytime, take it everywhere.

  - without google, wikipedia, a constitution or Magna Carta to rely on.


It doesn’t require peer review, source material or annotation.


It is an unshakable mindset.


It cannot be taken from you.


It’s now or never.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...