The Easily Led

Updated: Jun 27

The 'elite' call them useless eaters, online they’re called sheeple. 

I call them people. 

Brothers and sisters.

They are easily led, but that’s not a fault: it’s their nature. 

Be responsible, not rude.

The people accepting a ‘new normal’ without question are the same people who will accept their dignity back when offered.

And they should be respected.

They are the BODY of this phenomenon we call Humanity. Without them you would not be here. You need them. And they really need you right now.

Give the easily led a brighter example to follow.

Remember: confidence is contagious. Start a dialogue, but walk away if they wont listen. They have been traumatised. Would you blame a child for crying after a nightmare? 

Don’t waste energy fighting group expectation galvanised by popular culture. Create an environment where people can confront their inconsistencies in private: DO NOT CHALLENGE GOOD FOLK.

You’ll only create conflict.

You’ll lose friends and family over an argument you can't win.

It will be a slow and steady process tempered by reason, consideration and calmness. Eventually the truth will come out like the sun does each morning. And when it does we can all share in it's glory.

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