Protect Innocuous Speech

It makes as much sense to spend taxpayers' money to reward someone for “love speech” as punish them for “hate speech”.

Something said at 9 p.m. to a friend in high spirits could be received as audacious. The same words said to the same individual suffering a hangover the next morning could be perceived as “hate speech”. What standard of justice can be expected when the same event can be both a crime and non-crime depending on the mood of one participant? Could we expect “innocuous speech” to be protected by the same laws?

The assumption of “hate speech laws” is thoughtless and dangerous through virtue of the fact that “hate speech” is undefinable. A moronic form of petty tyranny which serves as revenue generation for the State and a tool of revenge for belligerent people of inferior morality.

Limiting speech is spiteful and absurd.

If we can't speak what we think, we must think what we're told.

Without freedom to think or consider, to make mistakes, learn, develop; then how can we grow beyond the inconsiderate cruelty of childhood inexperience. Fulfil our potential?

When an adult attempts to punish another adult for making sounds they didn’t like: that's not an adult. It’s a fully grown child who missed the opportunity to deal with antagonism in its formative years.

You can’t legislate human nature and expect better results.

There is no such thing as hate speech.

Only humanity.

Embrace it.


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