Minority of Parasites

Updated: Jul 2

"Parasites must remain a minority or kill their hosts."

 - Samuel Edward Konkin III

What % of Humans choose a respectable life?

In whose interest is it to perpetuate illegal wars; on Sovereign Nations, on Drugs, on Terror, on a Virus?

On the minds of trusting citizens?

In whose interest is it to interfere with the lives of strangers?

In whose interest is it to keep people locked away from each other?

 - to prevent them from meeting, touching or talking?

In whose interest is it to create dependent consumers of living creatures?

In whose interest is it to cultivate technocracy? 

Any more than 1% ?

This 1% offer fear & confusion: misery disguised as security.

The best they afford is an existence devoid of privacy and autonomy but anesthetised with rationed entertainment and licensed welfare.

I assure you it's much harder for 1% to entice 99% to accept an unfulfilled life than it is for 99% to reject it. 

But it doesn’t take billions of people to expel a Minority of Parasites. 

It only takes 1% to subvert 1%.

After which The Easily Led will see you at sunrise.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...