Default Status: CONVICT

Updated: Jun 27

It is suggested that mass vaccination in tandem with the means to identify those of us who are immune is the only way for life to return to 'normal’. 

An ‘immunity passport’ may take the form of a wrist band, smart phone app or digital I.D. worn on the skin.

An ‘immunity passport’ allows the State to discriminate against people on grounds of private medical records.

To determine who can return to public life, travel freely, work or play. 

And the opposite:

Who cannot return to public life, travel freely, work or play.

Default Status: CONVICT.

Punishment normally reserved for those convicted in court of a crime will be handed down to everyone. The presumption of innocence, a fundamental legal principle conveniently inverted.

The "new normal": guilty until proven innocent without trial.

Guilty of NOT doing something.

The natural state of being alive; punishable by legislation.

If you accept invasive medical procedures and intrusive surveillance,

you may be pardoned.

Coerced vaccination is licensed permission to walk in the world, see friends and family, travel, experience life; to be human again (almost).

An ‘immunity passport’ will track COVID-19, when a new virus appears as spontaneous as the last:

- lockdown until the new vaccine is ready -

Default Status: CONVICT until you redeem your vaccine by payment or other satisfaction.

Consume product - show receipt.

The ‘passport’ is simply a record of customers and no protection against illness.

This is not the last virus.

There will be another, and another for ever and ever and ever. 

A perpetual loop of HOUSE ARREST / VACCINATION / BRANDING   - ad infinitum.

Humanity has persevered for millennia without this tyranny of security the tech billionaires are peddling.

I will die before I subsist as livestock.

And I intend to live a long happy life.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...