An Aimless Dervish

Updated: Jun 27

When you’re pressured to stand up for yourself  amidst panic and speculation, you're guaranteed to lose yourself  in fantasy and fear.

An Aimless Dervish 

 - dedicated, observant but unfocused and without counsel.

In the coming weeks I have some significant articles to publish.

To help set the tone and pace, here is some ancient wisdom:


The Hare and the Tortoise

version: Samuel Croxal

A Hare insulted a Tortoise upon account of his slowness, and vainly boasted of her own great speed in running. Let us make a match, replied the Tortoise, I’ll run with you five miles for five pounds, and the Fox yonder shall be the umpire of the race. The Hare agreed; and away they both started together. But the Hare, by reason of her exceeding swiftness, outran the Tortoise to such a degree, that she made a jest of the matter; and finding herself a little tired, squatted in a tuft of fern that grew by the way, and took a nap; thinking, that if the Tortoise went by, she could at any time fetch him up, with all the ease imaginable. In the mean while the Tortoise came jogging on, with a slow but continued motion; and the Hare, out of a too great security and confidence of victory, oversleeping herself, the Tortoise arrived at the end of the race first.

The Moral:

Hence it is, that the victory is not always to the strong, nor the race to the swift.

By affecting to show the superiority of their genius, upon many occasions, they run into too great an extreme the other way; and the administration of their affairs is ruined through idleness and neglect.

In short, your men of wit and fire, as they are called, are generally proud and conceited to the last degree; not the fittest persons for either conversation or business.

But the world will not be thus imposed upon the man who carries his point effectually, and finishes his course without swerving or loitering. 


Remain calm, foster confidence and stay the course.

Give your adversary every opportunity to fuck up and they will.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...