Politely Assert Yourself

In response to the “Coronavirus Pandemic” governments and private corporations are quickly building a world we barely recognise, let alone understand. 


In return, I politely assert myself:


I will not take medical procedures before giving my explicit consent.


I will not suffer loss of privacy through intrusive surveillance.


I will not be forced to identify myself through facial recognition or digital I.D.

I will not be treated as a convict for declining these offers.



Forcible administration of any product is totalitarian. 


As ‘government’ the world over grant themselves imaginary powers in response to a natural phenomenon...  The prospect of a planet-wide ‘open prison’ governed by corporations is no longer speculation.


We are flogging our supreme autonomy in the hope others will keep it safe. 


Disease has been around forever, and will continue to be.


I accept that being alive comes with risks. 


I reject a life dictated by business and take full responsibility for myself.

  - I do this for myself and future generations.


It’s time to put aside petty differences and organise around simple common principles.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...