Our Realistic Expectation​

The least that can come of this, I suspect is that we will find that Mr. White gave money to Mr. Orange. Mr. Orange asked Mr. Blonde to write a report. That report was given to Mr. Pink who in turn advised Mr. Blue based on it. Mr. Blue took actions on faith that caused the rest of us to suffer. No single actor could be charged with a crime, nor can it be proven they worked together. And every one will get off on technicalities.


BUT it will be the best example ever that we should dismantle all these organisations before they are able to cause such havoc ever again. At best they are useless and unnecessary, at worse they are negligent and reckless and dangerous. We know which media outlets are quick to terrorise innocent people, which are obedient to shoddy authorities, illegitimate experts. Now we can build our new normal where we never give away our autonomy ever again.

MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...